Why does Affiliates even exist?

Hi, I’m Eli – a community engagement intern at Mozilla. When I came to Mozilla, I quickly began working on our affiliates program (affiliates.mozilla.org) and it became my primary focus.

For those who are unfamiliar with affiliates programs, they are basically a way to empower and incentivize users and brand advocates to promote a certain product or message.

Before I started tackling this project, I wanted to take a step back and figure out the answer to an important question: Why does affiliates at Mozilla even exist?

If you look through other popular browsers (chrome, internet explorer, opera, etc.) you’ll notice that they don’t have their own affiliates program. Many of them tried, but quickly pulled out. Why? There wasn’t enough of an incentive for people to share the browser.

Alright, so if it doesn’t work for other top companies, why would we do it?

The answer lies in something I learn more and more every day at Mozilla: Mozilla is different. Mozilla is a community driven, non profit working to keep the internet open and accessible for everyone. With every action we take, we seek to make the internet a better place and most importantly, our community understands this. Our community is an integral foundation of our movement and is involved with every step we take forward.

One awesome sign of this that I see every day is that people love to share Firefox and other Mozilla products with everyone they meet. We have a full community of Mozilla reps who volunteer their time just to help spread the Mozilla mission. Man, that’s awesome.

Because of this integral difference between Mozilla and other companies, affiliates is the perfect program for us. It’s a very human action: People love to share the Mozilla mission with their friends and peers. We’re just bringing that action online and allowing users to track their results (amount of people they’ve drawn in through their banners). Not only does it enable supporters of our community , it also drives traffic to our products and allows us to keep executing on our mission to make the web open and accessible to everyone.

We’re currently working on creating bigger and better incentives, but at its core, affiliates was created not to incentive people, but to empower those who are already passionate about Mozilla. Over the next months we’ll be working on improving this process: Creating better data collection, making a more user friendly site, making it easier and easier to share Mozilla with your friends and the world, and even adding some rewards.

We’d love to have you and the rest of our awesome community involved with this process so if you’re interested, please email me at ekariv@mozilla.com. We’re working on making it as easy and rewarding as possible to become an affiliate, what should we do next?